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the songs of MT

Hello everybody

This train


Ridin in the car

Music Together has published nine independent song collections, each of which has its own graphic design as well as a color and instrumental focus.
Each of these collections consists of a songbook, 1 CD and a download area and is intended for 1 trimester. MT courses are taught worldwide in the same regular cycles that allow entry into each trimester.
The music of each song collection is precisely tailored to the range / range of children's voices.

Each collection contains songs, rhythmic speaking verses, tonal and rhythmic patterns and instrumental pieces in a wide selection of tones and time signatures, which can be sung or accompanied by instruments.

Renowned musicians play a variety of instruments such as guitar, bass, flutes, keyboard instruments, and drums. And all of these songs are wonderfully suitable for use in mixed-age groups in day care centers for children as well as in families with children of different ages.

The MT song collections are designed and produced on the basis of scientific principles and with high artistic value.

Feedback from hundreds of teachers and families has been reflected in the constant revision of the materials since 1987.
Although Music Together songs are mostly sung and recorded in English, families do not need to speak English to benefit from the program. Our common language is music and movement.
The extensive and varied curriculum at MT includes a mixture of original traditional songs and traditional melodies from the world of folk, jazz and world music.

The families get to know a variety of international musical styles - from American to African, Korean or Hebrew - all of which convey a thrilling experience of rhythm, songs and culture from all over the world.
In addition to singing English, MT teachers encourage children and adults to create new verses in their own language.
This stimulates creativity and independence and shows possibilities for a playful use of music outside of the classroom.

The curriculum also includes many "songs without words" - sung on syllables like "la" or "doo" - that make it easier for children and adults to memorize melodies without the difficulty of making sense of the words.

This mix of English-language songs, improvisations in the mother tongue and "songs without words" gives people all over the world many opportunities to make and enjoy music together.

I will teach in English and German with a nice mix of Music Together songs and traditional German kid's songs